Asia, Western China, Xuelian Feng, Xinjiang

Publication Year: 1990.

Xuelian Feng, Xinjiang. A Japanese expedition of the Tokai Section of the Japanese Alpine Club was led by Tsutomu Ogawa. They made the first ascent of the south summit (6527 meters, 21,414 feet) of Xuelian Feng but could not get to the main (north) summit. On July 14, Juniichi Shinozaki and Akihito Yamazaki got to this south summit. On July 19, these two with three other climbers repeated the ascent. From the south summit Shinozaki, Yamazaki and Morimoto tried for the main summit but were stopped 160 meters below it after climbing along the ridge for two kilometers. The final ascent of the south summit was made on July 23 by Hidehito Iwabuchi.