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Asia, China—Southeastern China, Anyemaqen Attempt

Anyemaqen Attempt. When our expedition to Shisha Pangma was canceled by the authorities, Swiss Beatrice Arn, Austrians Dr. Gunther Fasching and I decided to head for Anyemaqen. For a week in April we pedaled our mountain bikes from Xining through nomad country and over several 4000-meter passes. At Xiadawu we began a 60-kilometer trek with yaks. Winter conditions prevented the yaks from getting to our chosen Base Camp north of Anyemaqen. We placed a high camp at 5000 meters, hoping to make a new route over the north summit. Continuous snowstorms and cold, as well as difficult terrain in the upper part (crevasses and séracs), kept us from success. The other two got to 5700 meters just below the north summit.

Bruno Baumann, Österreichischer Alpenverein