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Asia, India—Kashmir and Jammu, P 6230, South of Umasi La, Kishtwar Himalaya

P 6230, South of Umasi La, Kishtwar Himalaya. On July 25, Ian Mills, Neil Brown and I climbed a new route, the north face of P 6230 (20,440 feet). It had previously been climbed by the south face. We ascended a steep 1500-foot glacial snout to 14,000 feet onto an unexplored glacier. From the head of the glacier we climbed an exposed rising line of snow and ice across the face until it ended 2000 feet below the summit. We ascended a 600-foot ice wall capped by a continuously corniced summit ridge and finally reached the loose, rocky summit. We took six days to make the climb and two to descend the same route.

Carl Joseph Schaschke, England