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Asia, India—Himachal Pradesh, CB 13

CB 13. A Japanese expedition with 11 climbers led by Isao Minami put two teams on the summit of CB 13 (6264 meters, 20,223 feet) via the north ridge. On August 3, Yoshichika Yamada, Yoshio Nakagawa and Hiroyuki Nakamori set out from 6000 meters and got to the summit the next day after a bivouac at 6000 meters. On August 5, leader Minami, Yosuke Minami, Etsuji Kawase, Mayumi Kobayashi and Indian liaison officer Bijai Sagar Shimedi also climbed to the summit. This was a low-budget, fast ascent with a father-son summit climb. Yosuke Minami at age 16 may be the youngest Japanese to have climbed to the top of a 6000er.

KR 3. A six-member Japanese group got to the top of KR 3 (6157 meters, 20,200 feet) in the Koa Rong valley on August 15. Katsuhei Toyama and Naoki Kondo reached the top via the south face. The leader was Atsuo Iizuka.

Harish Kapadia, Himalayan Club