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Asia, India—Garhwal, P 6352, Seta Glacier, 1988

P6352, Seta Glacier, 1988. On June 9, 1988, Mukul Mukhopadhay, Dilip Chakrabarty and I made the first ascent of P 6352 (20,840 feet) at the head of the Seta Glacier. We established Base Camp on Vasuki Tal in late May. Two camps were placed on the Chaturangi Glacier, a camp was made on June 5 on the Seta Glacier and a summit camp was established on June 8 on the north face of P 6352. We climbed the north face to the shoulder and traversed to gain the west ridge, which we climbed to the summit.

Bidyut Roy, Abhiyatrik, India