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Asia, Nepal, Ganesh IV (Pabil) Attempt

Ganesh IV (Pabil) Attempt. Our expedition to Ganesh IV or Pabil (7052 meters, 23,136 feet) was composed of Dr. Pedro Rossi, Miguel A. Vidal, José María Martín. Félix García, Javier Delgado, Luis Alberto Aguëro and me as leader. Our approach march was complicated by bad weather for the last three days where we had to open a path in the jungle and construct bridges. We set up Base Camp and Camp I at 4400 and 5000 meters on September 11 and 18. We fixed 800 meters of rope before getting to Camp II at 5600 meters. The weather was very bad. On October 2, we abandoned the normal route and turned to the 1980 French route on the southwest spur. We gave up our attempt at 6100 meters on October 7.

Faustino García, Avila, Spain