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Asia, Nepal, Tawoche, Lobuje East and Pokalde, Winter Ascents

Tawoche, Lobuje East and Pokalde, Winter Ascents. A four-man British- German expedition was led by David Etherington. Two unsuccessful attempts were made on Tawoche before it was climbed: the northeast buttress to 5500 meters on December 4 and the north face to 5350 meters on the 6th. On December 11, Etherington and German Jörg Schneider completed the seventh ascent of Tawoche (6501 meters, 21,329 feet) and the first winter ascent, climbing the east ridge. They descended the southeast face. On December 18, Britons Roger Chippendale and Richard Emerson climbed the southeast face to the summit. That same day, Etherington and Schneider climbed Lobuje East (6119 meters, 20,075 feet) via its east face. On December 22, Etherington soloed Pokalde (5806 meters, 19,040 feet) by its north ridge.

Elizabeth Hawley