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South America, Patagonia, Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot and Aguja Guillaumet in the 1988-1989 Season

Cerro Torre, Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot and Aguja Guillaumet in the 1988- 1989 Season. There were three ascents of Cerro Torre, all by the Maestri bolt route: on November 10, 1988 by Americans Brad Schilling and Mike Clifford and by Spanish Catalans Toni Torà Borredà and Joan Javer García and on January 5 by Poles Marek Olszyk and Krzysztof Djiubek. A winter ascent of Fitz Roy was made on August 8, 1988 by Italians Paolo Crippa, Danilo Valsecchi and Dario Spreafico, who climbed the Franco-Argentine route. This was not the first winter ascent as they reported; the first winter ascent was made on July 27, 1986 by Argentines. On January 9, Austrians Thomas Bonaface and Gerold Dünser completed an ascent of Fitz Roy’s Supercanaleta. All other Fitz Roy ascents were by the Franco-Argentine route: on November 7, 1988 by Spaniards César Tome Ondicol and Eladio Lantada Zarzosa and by Italians Fabrizio Defancesco and Paolo Borgonovo; on January 12 by Swiss Thomas Ulrich and Georg Hödle; and on February 14 by Swiss Michael Schwitter and Brazilian Luis Makoto Ishibe. All Aguja Poincenot ascents were by the Whillans route: on November 7, 1988 by Spaniards Vicente Lagunilla and Angel Villán; on November 30, 1988 by Spanish Basques Guillermo Bañales and Ion Laskano and by Italians Diego Zanesco and Mauro Bernardi; on December 27, 1988 by Spaniards Antonio Ramos Villar, César Aorta Orduña, Miguel Ortega, Juanjo Ruiz and Iñaki Vicente; on January 6 by Swiss Michael Schwitter and German Joseph Heine; and on March 3 by Argentine Jorge and Mariano Tarditti. There were ascents of Aguja Guillaumet: on October 2, 1988 by Argentines Pato Seuflejer and Marcelo Venere; on December 27, 1988 by Argentines José Váquez, Marcos Aprile, Fernando Ferios and Marciano Tarditti; on January 2 by Alfredo Flury and Pablo Alvarez; and on February 23 by Swiss Michael Schwitter, Brazilian Luis Makoto Ishibe and Canadian Alex Fried.

Albert Tarditti, Club Andino Córdoba, Argentina