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South America, Peru, Tocllaraju, Southwest Face

Tocllaraju, Southwest Face. The expedition of our newly founded Club de Montañeros Américo Tordoya placed a Base Camp in the Quebrada Ishinca. While we climbed Urus and Tocllaraju by the normal routes, Mario Masuelos and Gonzalo Menacho headed for the unclimbed southwest face of Tocllaraju (6032 meters, 20,795 feet). On July 21, they left their high camp at 5350 meters and climbed 50° slopes that gradually steepened to 60°. They emerged on the ridge and got to the summit at 7:25 P.M. almost in total darkness. They rappelled down the same route.

Walter Lazo, Club de Montañeros Américo Tordoya, Lima, Perú