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Greenland, P 2100, Kap Farvel, 1977 and 1986

P 2100, Kap Farvel, 1974 and 1986. Beyond Kangikitsoq on the right bank of the fjord rises imposing P 2100 (6890 feet). At the beginning of August in 1974, Claude Aulard, Alan Douglas and I climbed a difficult 1200-meter-high route up the great couloir on the west face. We bivouacked once. This was a second ascent although a new route. We followed a British party led by Richard Hoare; David Cornell and Tim Hurrell discovered a straight snow route to the summit up the southeast ridge. The British route was repeated in 1977. From July 30 to August 3, 1986, Jean-Paul Bouquier, Gérard Creton and Christian Veronese made a third new route on rock on the southwest buttress which rose 900 meters in 40 pitches (UIAA VI, A1).

Bernard Domenech, Club Alpin Français