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Canada, Yukon Territory, Mounts Wood and Queen Mary, Icefield Ranges, 1988

Mounts Wood and Queen Mary, Icefield Ranges, 1988. During the spring of 1988, the wardens of Kluane National Park made two training exercises. From April 22 to May 6, Rick Staley, Bruce Sundbo, Andrew Lawrence, Evan Manners, John Nidrie and I climbed Mount Wood (4842 meters, 15,885 feet) from the east. Three members also climbed a 10,000-foot peak to the east of Wood. From May 9 to 16, Ron Chambers, Ray Breneman, Lome Laroque, Jeff Meir, Steve Oates and Dr. Roger Mitchell climbed Mount Queen Mary and skied out the Kluane Glacier.

Lloyd Freese, Kluane National Park Reserve