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Canada, Yukon Territory, Mount Logan and Mount Kennedy, Icefield Ranges

Mount Logan and Mount Kennedy, Icefield Ranges. A number of expeditions were on Mount Logan in 1989. Coloradans Peter Smith, JoAnn Metzler, Timothy Lofgren, Larz Onsrud and Ed Cupp were on the mountain in April and three of them reached the summit via the King Trench route. Also successful on the King Trench route were Bob Jonas, Reid Dowdle, Scott Smith and James McClatchy from Idaho. In May, Dave Williams, Timothy Franklin Booth, Greg Stattles, Darlene Anderson and Brian Waddington also reached the summit. An Austrian group in May failed. Mount Kennedy was climbed in May via the Cathedral Glacier by Canadians Juri Peepre, Alan Jones, Joe Pilippone and Patrick Egan.

Ron Chambers, Kluane National Park Reserve