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United States, Idaho, P 10,240, Lemhi Mountains

P 10,240, Lemhi Mountains. For the most part, the Lemhi Mountains are rounded peaks of rotten sedimentary rock which offer little opportunity for interesting technical climbing. Fortunately, there is an exception. Located at the end of the Bear Valley Lakes trail is Bear Valley Lake (9135 feet) and P 10,240. On September 3, Jeannie Meyer-Tyson, Scott Tyson and I climbed the obvious crack-and-chimney system splitting the 900-foot-high northeast face on solid quartzite. The crux of this six-pitch climb (II, 5.7) comes at the slight overhang on the fifth pitch. The relatively easy access to the peak, the good fishing in the lakes of the Bear Creek valley and the large amount of virgin rock on the northeast face make this a worthwhile objective for any alpinist.

Patrick M. Lang