United States, California—Sierra Nevada, Patricia Bowl, Rock Creek Area

Publication Year: 1990.

Patricia Bowl, Rock Creek Area. Paticia Bowl is a high bowl directly above (northwest) of Rock Creek Lodge. Access is via the trail from just above Rock Creek Lake. On the right (north) side of the bowl is a series of towers on the ridge. E-Ticket (5.10b) climbs the obvious crack system on the large, clean, rectangular tower on the left for two pitches. Diamond Star Tower (5.10, two pitches) ascends the south side of the beautiful tower on the far right. The tower is visible from Rock Creek Lodge. Templo del Sol (5.11/12, four pitches) is on the longest continuous section of good-quality rock near the head of the bowl on its left side. The formation looks like a temple halfway up with vertical pillars on each side. The route ascends an obvious crack/corner system to the left side of the ledge, then up a very thin finger crack on the wall above. Two rappels got us down. Take a double set of protection from tiny to 3½". All routes were done by Todd Vogel, Pat Kent and me.

Richard Leversee