United States, California—Sierra Nevada, Ruby Lake Wall, "Technical Knockout"

Publication Year: 1990.

Ruby Lake Wall, “Technical Knockout.” It is somewhat confusing to describe routes on this wall. Basically, there is a series of four dihedrals in a row near the middle of the wall. The farthest left comer, which Kim Miller, Roanne Miller and I climbed in July, is one of the most striking lines on the face. It is very clean and steep, has a large roof halfway up on the left and is split high on the left side by a wide (3- to 8-inch) crack that looks like something straight out of the Utah desert. This high-quality route climbs those cracks for four steep, spectacular pitches. We descended via the gully below with several rappels. Take a double set of protection from ½" to 5". (III/IV, 5.11.)

Richard Leversee