United States, Alaska, P 7401and P 6283, Thompson Ridge Area, 1988

Publication Year: 1990.

P 7401 and P 6283, Thompson Ridge Area, 1988. Austrian Thomas Schranz and I were flown to a sandbank in a river bed in the Thompson Ridge area. We found the rock terribly rotten and tried to keep as much as possible on snow and ice. After climbing a 50° ice slope, we ascended the loose rock of the north face of P 7401 on August 1, 1988. After that we made an exhausting route across moraine and boulders to P 6283. We then climbed a 1700-foot-high ice slope (up to 60°) which led to a 1000-foot-high narrow ridge of rotten rock. Bad weather discouraged further climbs.

Eduard Birnbacher, Deutscher Alpenverein