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Harvard Mountaineering Club

Harvard Mountaineering Club. 1988 was a productive year for the Harvard Mountaineering Club. Besides local trips to such areas as the Adirondacks, White Mountains, Shawangunks, Baxter State Park and Seneca Rocks, numerous members traveled throughout North and South America to other more distant ranges. In the Cordillera Blanca, Nathan Faulkner and Alexandra Moore climbed Nevado Alpamayo in the summer. Nathan then embarked upon a western U.S. rock-climbing tour, visiting major climbing areas from Smith Rocks south to Red Rocks. Meanwhile, member Peter Green joined with Robert Green to climb the Swiss Arête of Mount Sill in the Sierra Nevada and with Kate Green to do the Owen-Spaulding Route on the Grand Teton. He and Dave Custer later climbed in the Bugaboos, the Humbug Spires, Devils Tower, and the Wind River Range. Also, member Chloe Breyer climbed Mount Moran in the Tetons, and Steve and Wil Brown and Patrick Gurian ascended the Kautz Glacier Route on Mount Rainier.

Socially, the club was equally active. During the course of the year, members and guests enjoyed three dinners and slide-show presentations by eminent American climbers. Speakers included (chronologically) Charles Houston, Alison Osius, and Adams Carter. In addition, the twenty-third edition of the Harvard Mountaineering Journal is in press. It will soon be available for five dollars upon written request to our office at 4 University Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138.

The H.M.C. cabin in Mount Washington’s Huntington Ravine continues to prosper as a hub of winter ice-climbing in the New Hampshire region. Open to the public, it sports heat, light, and cooking facilities in an otherwise rather harsh climate. A new caretaker, Ted Dettmar, is present full-time during the winter. In addition, this year a new solar radio was installed to facilitate rescues.

Altogether, it has been a good year. The officers (Phil Beck, president; Carl Gable, treasurer; Alex Moore, secretary; Peter Green, equipment director) and all the members encourage anyone in the Boston area to drop by our Thursday evening meetings at 8 P.M. in Claverly Hall on Linden Street.

Steven Brown