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A.A.C. Blue Ridge Section

A.A.C., Blue Ridge Section. The year 1988 was one of consolidation in the Blue Ridge Section. Several members were active throughout the mountain ranges of the world, while others devoted their time to climbing closer to home. In all, however, the Section saw new growth and enthusiasm toward climbing in all its forms.

Significant events that occurred during the year included a lecture on high-altitude physiology given by Dr. Charles Houston, which was arranged through a local hospital by Andrew Kauffman, a slide show on the first American ascent of Makalu given by Glenn Porzak, and of course climbing. Section members were active in the Cascades, Bugaboos, Selkirks and other ranges in the Canadian Rockies (two groups), the Alaska Range, Himalaya (two groups, one attempting a new route on Annapurna South), various trips for ice climbing and of course the availability of rock meant plenty of climbing on that medium. Significant among these trips were exploratory efforts into areas previously unvisited by Section members (such as Squamish Chief in British Columbia and Liberty Bell in the Cascades) and numerous first ascents at one of the area’s major climbing locations, the New River Gorge. In addition, several members took advantage of the Annual Meeting’s proximity in Atlanta and attended. There, they were treated to yet another of the excellent annual meeting programs, and a special treat in the form of Section member Andy Kauffman being the recipient of the Angelo Heilprin Citation.

Future plans include hosting a local climbing competition, working on expanding membership, and organizing several climbing meets.

As always, A. A.C. members visiting the Washington area are encouraged to bring climbing gear and invite themselves along with the group. Contact either Tim Hood, Section Secretary, or Stuart Pregnall, Section Chairman.

Stuart Pregnall, Chairman