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F. Woodbridge Constant, 1904-1988


F. Woodbridge Constant died at his home in Essex, Connecticut on November 16. He graduated from Princeton and earned his Ph.D from Yale. In 1946, he joined the Trinity College faculty in Hartford as chairman of the physics department. He retired in 1972.

In 1924, at Yale I found myself next to Hobart Whitman, whom Brad Gilman had suggested I look up. He in turn was a good friend of Woodie’s and so we all got together. In the summer of 1926, we three joined Woodie’s father in Switzerland. I particularly remember my first rope-leading when we climbed the Wetterhom. Later, Woody, Hob and I climbed in the Adirondacks.

Woodie was very congenial and always a pleasure to be with. I recently was sent a book which mentioned Woodie’s book, Fundamental Principles of Physics, as being physics for poets.

He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Bass, two daughters and a son.

Hassler Whitney