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William B. Bryan, 1928-1988

WILLIAM B. BRYAN 1928-1988

William B. Bryan died in Portland, Oregon on February 24 in his 61st year. Bill was bom and raised in Hood River, Oregon, where he was a long-time member of the Crag Rats, the important mountain rescue and climbing organization. He studied photography in college and after operating his own photography service for several years, he was named City of Portland Photographer in 1962, a post he held until his death. Bill climbed extensively on Mount Hood and in the Oregon and Washington Cascades and participated in many rescue operations. He was a primary liaison with the 304th USAR Air Rescue Squadron in Portland and he developed the squared-grid aerial-photograph locator pictures for Mount Hood.

When the Crag Rats obtained the lease on the abandoned historic Cloud Cap Inn at Timberline on the north side of Mount Hood, Bill was one of the leaders in its restoration. The building was subsequently listed in the National Register of Historic Places, a testimony to the success of the project.

As City Photographer, he was involved in everything, from pageants and presentations through routine construction and recording to disasters and tragedies. He was an expert on the history and details of the Bull Run watershed and had a profound knowledge of many of the old city records, acquired as he microfilmed them for permanent record.

Bill will be sorely missed by the older members of the Oregon climbing community. He was a good friend and climbing companion, always ready to help with a problem or assist in a rescue. He is survived by his wife Modene and two sons, Jerry and Jim, both active climbers.

Lewis L. McArthur