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Asia, USSR, Chimbulak Area, Zailisky Ala Tau, Tien Shan

Chimbulak Area, Zailisky Ala Tau, Tien Shan. Steve Goodwin, Steve Lenartowicz, Eric Pirnie, Norman Rodd, my wife Moira Snadden and I attended the Soviet International Camp at Chimbulak in the late winter of 1988. The mountains of the Chimbulak area, the Zailisky Ala Tau, are well explored by the Soviets in the summer, and to a lesser extent in the winter. Interesting mountaineering routes of not too much technical difficulty lead to the majority of the summits. We climbed the following peaks, all members reaching all summits. From Chimbulak Base (2200 meters, 7218 feet): Chimbulak Peak (3450 meters, 11,319 feet) via south ridge on March 20, Shkolnik (3800 meters, 12,467 feet) via south face on March 31; from Tuyuk-Su Glacier Geographical Station (3500 meters, 11,483 feet): Titova Peak (3920 meters, 12,861 feet) on March 23, Pogrebetskogo (4230 meters, 13,878 feet) via east ridge on March 24, Molodjoznaya (4103 meters, 13,462 feet) via east ridge on March 25; from camp on the Bogdanovich Glacier (3300 meters, 10,827 feet): Pioneer Peak (3960 meters, 12,992 feet) via west ridge on March 29. The Soviets inform us that our ski descents of Titova and Pioneer Peaks were the first recorded ones.

David Snadden, Eagle Ski Club, Scotland