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Asia, Pakistan, Baintha Brakk (Ogre) Attempt

Baintha Brakk (Ogre) Attempt. Our expedition was composed of Herbert Jans, Reiner Pickl, Christoph Kruis, Christoph Krah, Kalus-Peter Popall and me. We hoped to make the first ascent of Baintha Brakk from the Choktoi Glacier. Base Camp was at 4650 meters on the Choktoi. Our first goal was to reach the 5750-meter col between Baintha Brakk and P 6950 (Ogre II). It took us 16 days before we could reach the col because heavy snowfalls caused avalanche conditions. We made a snow cave at 5450 meters and fixed rope from there to the col. This last slope was badly raked by rockfall. We got to 6200 meters above the col on the ridge but were driven back a final time by a snowstorm.

Dieter Elsner, Deutscher Alpenverein