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Asia, India—Kashmir and Jammu, Hagshu Attempt

Hagshu Attempt. Our expedition was composed of Tadeusz Slupski, leader, Ms. Katarzyna Piróg, doctor, Pawel Józefowicz, Miecyslaw Zabomiak, Radoslaw Motrenko, Marek Glogoczowski, Pawel Szczepkowski and me. Base Camp was established on September 13 at 4300 meters. Camp I was placed at the northern foot of Hagshu at 5050 meters on September 18. On September 21, a provisional Camp II was made at 5200 meters and a depot at the correct site of Camp II at 5700 meters on the south ridge. From September 23 to 27 continuous snowfall stopped all activity and over two meters of snow fell. From October 7 to 9 we did manage to find our Camp I but there was no trace of Camp II or the depot. We had insufficient equipment and food to continue. Hagshu lies south of the Nun-Kun massif. Since 1983 it has been attempted by several British expeditions without success.

Dariusz Zaluski, Klub Wysokogórski Warszawa, Poland