Asia, India—Garhwal, Bhagirathi I, West Ridge

Publication Year: 1989.

Bhagirathi I, West Ridge. Two separate New Zealand expeditions climbed in the Gangotri region. Geoff Gabites, Mark Gabites, Dave Stephenson and I reached the summit of Bhagirathi I (6856 meters, 22,493 feet) alpine-style via the west ridge on September 15 at two P.M. in deteriorating weather. The fifth member, Debbie Koster, reached Camp II at 6000 meters. This was the second ascent of the ridge. The climbing was mainly on steep granite and went free at 5.10. We followed the obvious crack system up a granite tower to 200 meters of mixed ground and then went up an 800-meter snow arête to the summit. The descent took 20 abseils.

William King, New Zealand Alpine Club