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Asia, Nepal, Pumori

Pumori. The leader of our Indonesian expedition was Gunawan and the members were Eddy Djuandi, Sukmoyo, Nandang Syamsudin, Trivoni Sugiarto Senapi, Djodjo Sunardjo and me, the only woman. We reached Base Camp at 5340 meters on April 6 after a seven-day march. We took the normal east-ridge route. Camps I and II were pitched at 6000 and 6500 meters on April 12 and 18. The first summit attempt, made by Djodjo and Trivoni, failed because of bad weather. On the second, I was accompanied by four Sherpas and reached 7000 meters, the first Indonesian female to get to that altitude. We were forced back by a shortage of rope and time. The third and successful attempt was made on April 26 by Gunawan, Djuandi, Syamsudin and Sherpas Pemba and Lhakpa Sona. They reached the summit at six P.M.

Veronica Moeliono, Wanadri, Indonesia