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Asia, India-Sikkim, Forked Peak and Kabru Dome Correction

Forked Peak and Kabru Dome Correction. Page 184 of AAJ, 1988 carried an account about Major K. V. Cherian’s expedition’s ascent of Rathong, which also claimed the ascents of Forked Peak and Kabru Dome. An enquiry for details of the latter two ascents brought forth a surprising letter from Major Cherian, who writes, “… It is true that the team reached only 70 meters in altitude and 300 meters in distance short of the Kabru Dome summit and 40 meters in altitude short of the Forked Peak summit.” While we are glad that Major Cherian has corrected the record, we find it strange that he should have reported these two non-ascents since he was a “summiter” himself on Kabru Dome.

Soli S. Mehta, Editor, Himalayan Journal