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South America, Chile, Cerro Azul, Maule Region, Winter Ascent

Cerro Azul, Maule Region, Winter Ascent. Cerro Azul (3800 meters, 12,467 feet) was ascended in winter and descended on skis for the first time on August 2 by José Loyola, Ricardo Bustos, Patricio Peñaloza, Alejandro Avedaño, Juan Cárdenas and Germán Thumm. The peak is near the Volcán Descabezado Grande. The ascent took seven days and was made by the northeast ridge and on snow-and-ice slopes up to 50°. The summit was of reddish volcanic rock. From their top camp, it took them six hours.

Iván Vigouroux, Federatión de Andinismo de Chile