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South America, Southern Peru, Pucacocha and Other Peaks, Cordillera de la Viuda

Pucacocha and Other Peaks, Cordillera de la Viuda. These rock-and-ice peaks lie between the Jatúnchacua range in the north, the Cochas system in the east and south and the desert valleys of the Lima hinterland to the west. In January 1987, I made solo the first ascent of the rock pyramid Incacancha 5146 meters, 16,885 feet), northeast of the Chinchán railroad station. I then noticed several knots of fine peaks, which I made a point of visiting in June 1988. From Chinchán I trucked and walked to the base of these peaks, which were near Rajuntay, the highest in the range. Besides some pleasant repeat climbs, I made solo the first ascents of Cerro Llaguapucro Chico by the northwest glacier and north ridge, Nevado Pucacocha by the west glacier and south ridge and an unnamed peak south of the latter to which I traversed from Pucacocha. All three are given as 5150 meters (16,897 feet) in the Peruvian sheet Matucana 24-K.

Evelio Echevarría