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South America, Peru?Cordillera Blanca, Ski and Paraglider Descents

Ski and Paraglider Descents. Twenty-four Slovene climbers, extreme skiers and paragliders visited the Cordillera Blanca in May and June. The outstanding ski descents follow: Palcaraju Sur via the south face (normal route) to the Cojup valley from the summit by Borut Cmivec and Andrej Tercelj and from 300 meters below the summit by Dejan Ogrinec and Andrej Zorcic on May 24; Artesonraju via the Parón Glacier by Cmivec, Tercelj and Ogrinec on June 1; Pirámide Norte via north ridge and north slopes to the Parón Glacier by Zorcic; Chacraraju Este via the American route from 100 meters below the main east-west ridge crest by Ogrinec and Zorcic on June 16. All ski descents were of about 1000 vertical meters. They were first ski descents, except for the one from Artesonraju, which was a third; it was first done by Frenchman Patrick Vallençant. A paraglider descent from Artesonraju to Laguna Parón was made by Klemen Kobal on June 1.

Borut Crnivec, Planinska Zveza Slovenije, Yugoslavia