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North America, Greenland, Gunnsbjørns Fjeld

Gunnsbjørns Fjeld. Our members were Swiss Dr. Milan Cermak and Germans Peter Koschi and me. We had hoped to fly from Isafjordur by ski-equipped Twin Otter to the Christian IV Glacier. Just before us, a Swedish group flew there. On the pilot’s return, he refused to fly back because of bad snow conditions. We joined together with a group of Canadian geologists who were seeking gold and platinum near Sødalen. They took us to Sødalen in their Twin Otter, which had big wheels. They had chartered a helicopter, which would also fly us to the Christian IV Glacier. The first attempt to land there was unsuccessful because of zero visibility but we did manage to be landed on July 30. Because the weather this year was so bad, we decided to set out as it cleared in the evening. We climbed through the night and got to the summit of Gunnsbjørns Fjeld at eight A.M. of August 1.

Gerhard Schmatz, Deutscher Alpenverein