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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount Chitina, St. Elias Mountains

Mount Chitina, St. Elias Mountains. On September 20, Donnie Hunton and I were dropped off at Hubert’s landing strip at 2000 feet and hiked along the Chitina Glacier. September 21 and 22 were spent crossing the Chitina Glacier and moving camp to 4400 feet on the west ridge of Mount Chitina. The National Center for Earthquake Research has a solar-powered transmitter at 4800 feet on the ridge. On September 24, we climbed the low-angled snow slopes above 5700 feet to the corniced summit (2568 meters, 8424 feet). The mountain lies at the confluence of the Logan and Chitina Glaciers, 30 miles west of Mount Logan. I believe this was the first ascent of the mountain.

Danny Kost, St. Elias Alpine Guides