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Mountaineering Club of Alaska

Mountaineering Club of Alaska. Membership in the club slipped below 300 this year as the state lost more population, but we were still an active group. The club conducted its popular ice-climbing school in September and several other classes during the year to help others enjoy the outdoors during the long winters. It also sponsored various hikes and climbs locally, including the fourth annual Harding Icefield crossing, and the club also did much work on its remote glacier huts.

Members reported on several climbs of note this year. Todd Miner and two others made the second ascent to the summit of Amulet Peak, Chugach Range, in February. Mike Miller, Charlie Sassara, Karl Swanson and Brian Cannard made the first ascent of a Grade V waterfall, Mitre Might, in the Chugach in March. Leo Americus made the first winter ascent of Mount Palmer, a solo. Members also made the second ascent of Paradise Peak, Kenai Range, first ascents of Icicle Peak, Benevolent Peak and Sunlight Mountain in the Chugach, and new routes on Bellicose Peak and Benign Peak, the latter an impressive climb considering the nature of the rock in the Chugach.

Willy Hersman, President