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A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section

A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section. During 1987, Section members were involved in the resolution of several access disputes. In both cases, climbing was permitted to continue. In crags on top of Mount Tamalpais, a traditional learning area in a spectacular setting overlooking San Francisco Bay, was the center of dispute in May. The local water district was concerned with liability and proposed banning climbing. A ban on climbing at the Stanford University campus (a haven for “buildering”) was averted by negotiating some reasonable ground rules.

Section leadership met with Yosemite Park management this spring and found that the current regime is much more attuned to the climbing community than some in the past. They actually think that climbing is a legitimate activity in a National Park. Superintendent Morehead recalled climbing the Royal Arches with Al Steck some time in the misty past!

A project to preserve and document invaluable old climbing films from the pioneer climbing days in California finally got off the ground this year. The films have been transferred to studio-quality video tape and interviews with the participants are being done to record an irreplaceable bit of history. Tax-deductible donations payable to the A.A.C. can be sent to Armando Menocal at 820 The Alameda, Berkeley, CA 94707.

The Section played host in California to a 13-member climbing team from the Czechoslovak Mountaineering Association. The group, led by Vladimír Weigner, accomplished some fine climbs in Yosemite Valley during their September visit.

Section members opened their homes to host a political delegation from Lhasa, Tibet, in October. The timing was interesting, as the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and others were in this country during the “troubles” in Lhasa. It was certainly an interesting experience for the hosts, and hopefully, the source of useful contacts for A.A.C. members heading to Tibet. Our involvement was at the suggestion of Bob Craig, who helped host this “sister city” delegation in Boulder, Colorado.

Other Section activities included the annual ski tour, hot springs soak, and gourmet meal near Lake Tahoe and the Section Banquet, which featured a view of the Yosemite Valley speed-climbing scene presented by Steve Schneider.

Karl Gerdes, Chairman