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A.A.C., Blue Ridge Section

A.A.C., Blue Ridge Section. The Section continued its resurrection in style during 1987. Section Chairman Randy Starrett hosted a meeting/cookout at his home early in the year. Attendees were treated to a multitude of gastronomic delights, and the entertainment provided was on a similar level. We viewed some smoothly edited rough cuts from William Garner’s upcoming film on his and Randy’s social and climbing achievements in the Soviet Union.

At the fall meeting, the Section elected new officers for 1988. The meeting was enlivened by the presence of Fred Beckey, who is rumored to have located a new mountain range in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, Fred wouldn’t tell anyone where this new alpine playground was until he’s done all the quality routes.

Climbingwise, several members travelled to the Greater Ranges (in our neighborhood, anything over 3,000 feet constitutes a Great Range!). The most popular destination was the Cordillera Blanca for alpine pursuits. Rock enthusiasts were busy, some travelling extensively in their quest for new rock.

The Blue Ridge Section recruited some new members during the past year and plans to emphasize membership during the coming year. Other plans include quarterly meetings, a slide show or two, and lots of climbing. Other AAC members and climbers are invited to get in touch with the Section when they are in town, and to remember that we are located in an advantageous (not necessarily envious) position in terms of access to the Federal government—if you have climbing-related lobbying to do, we can help. Contact the Section Secretary: Stuart Pregnall, 214 13th St., SE, #2, Washington, D.C. 20003, daytime phone number 202-225-1225.

Randy Starrett, Chairman