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Asia, Tibet, Minor Peaks around Shisha Pangma

Minor Peaks around Shisha Pangma. In addition to the attempt on Shisha Pangma described above, we made climbs of other peaks. P 5900, east of Phola Ganchen and north of the lake Kung Tso, was probably first climbed by the 1984 reconnaissance party; it was ascended this year by Brian Davidson and me on separate occasions. P 5750 immediately east of P 5900 was also climbed by Davidson and me. P 5850, on the long ridge flanking the east side of the Kung Tso, was also probably first ascended by the reconnaissance party; its summit was reached by Chung Kin Man and Robert Durran and later by me, when I also ascended P 5625 and P 5800 on the same ridge.

Lindsay Griffin, Alpine Climbing Group