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Asia, Pakistan, Batura Attempt

Batura Attempt. Our expedition set out from Hasanabad for Batura on July 2. We walked for three days through an inhospitable land to 3800 meters, where the porters refused to go on, frightened by the glacier crossing. We had to ferry our loads from there to Base Camp at 4100 meters. After the establishment of Base Camp, the weather turned bad and the mountain became so loaded with new snow that it would have taken days for it to be safe. We gave up on the route, which had been climbed by Edi Koblmüller’s expedition some years ago, having got no higher than 5000 meters. We warn others that the porters do not stick by the “Rules and Regulations” and demand much higher wages. The liaison officer also demanded much more than was stipulated.

Theodor Kubicka, Österreichischer Alpenverein