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Asia, India—Himachal Pradesh, Peaks

Peaks in Himachal Pradesh. Snow Cone (6335 meters, 20,456 feet) was ascended by a six-member team from Calcutta. They set up Base Camp at 5000 meters on the Bara Shigri Glacier on August 22. Camp II was set up between P 20,078 and Snow Dome. On August 24, Soumitra Bannerjee, Borun Ganguly, and high-altitude porters Gopi Chand and Jog Raj reached the summit of P 20,078 and on August 25, of Snow Dome. Nearby, another Calcutta group of 12 led by Shyamal Dey set up Camp II at 5900 meters below Kulu Pumori. On August 7, Sankar Bhadra, Indra Nath Datta, Kanak Ghosh and high-altitude porters Alam Chand Thakur and Bikram Thakur reached the summit of P 6185 (20,292 feet). Stimit Srimany’s Young Explorers climbed Milang 7 (6340 meters, 20,800 feet) in July, while Kiron Mukherjee led a group that climbed the same peak on August 17. Climbers from Bombay led by Vinay Hegde climbed CB 53 (6095 meters, 19,996 feet) and another group from Calcutta led by Dhiren Pain climbed the same peak in September. Japanese led by Yuichi Sasaki ascended KR 4 (6340 meters, 20,800 feet).

Kamal K. Guha, Editor, Himavanta, India