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Asia, India—Garhwal, Kedarnath Dome

Kedarnath Dome. After installing Base Camp, Camp I and Camp II at 4700, 5700 and 6300 meters on August 11,17 and 20, the following climbed to the summit of Kedarnath Dome: on August 22, Ettore Nanni, Libero Pelotti, Roberta Faldella, Fabrizio Desco; on August 23, Cristina Carantoni, Luciano Pasuali, liaison officer Kumar Das; on August 24, Eliana Palazzi, Rossalio Patuelli; on August 25, Rodolfo Baraldini, Angela Montanari. On August 28, Nanni, Palazzi, Pelotti and Patuelli climbed Baby Shivling (5500 meters, 18,045 feet) by a 400-meter-high rock route of UIAA V to V+ difficulty.

Arturo Bergamaschi, Club Alpino Italiano