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Asia, India—Garhwal, Satopanth, Kedarnath and Kedarnath Dome

Satopanth, Kedarnath and Kedarnath Dome. There were successful climbs of Satopanth (7075 meters, 23,212 feet) by Germans, by Italians under the leadership of G. Federico and Swiss led by Wolfgang Stefan. Australians led by John Robert Muir and Italians under the leadership of Arturo Bergamaschi climbed both Kedarnath (6940 meters. 22,770 feet) and Kedarnath Dome (6831 meters, 22,410 feet). Kedarnath Dome was climbed by Poles led by Daviusz Kubik and by three Indian groups led by Dr. T. Venkatesh, Captain A.K. Vaid and P.K. Chatterjee.