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Asia, India—Garhwal, Shri Kailas

Shri Kailas. A joint 11-member Indo-French expedition climbed Shri Kailas (6932 meters, 22,742 feet). After leaving Gangotri on June 26, they established Base Camp on the Raktvam Glacier on the 28th. Camps I and II were placed on the Shyamvarn Glacier. The French decided at that time to abandon the climb. Camps III, IV and V were set up on August 2, 3 and 5. The first summit try was turned back by bad weather on August 7, but on the 8th, Ram Samir and Tej Bahadur reached the summit. The leader was Mrityunjoy Biswas and the deputy was Dominique Mathieux Goudier.

Kamal K. Guha, Editor, Himavanta, India