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Asia, India—Kumaon, Bamba Dhura

Bamba Dhura. Bamba Dhura is so remote and difficult of access that it took us 20 days to have our first glimpse of the peak. Munsiari was the last bus station, reached via Almora. From there it took us four days to get to Base Camp at 13,200 feet on the moraine of the Sankalpa Glacier. We went on for endless miles with Advance Base, Camps I, II and III at 15,800, 17,200, 18,500 and 19,500 feet. Although we left Munsiari on August 5, we established Camp III only on the 26th. After reconnaissance and the acclimatization climb of P 20,260, we had to descend to Advance Base for three days of bad weather. On September 2, Shirish Joshi, Lama Tashi and I reached Camp II and on the 3rd at 4:25 P.M. got to the summit (6334 meters, 20,780 feet) via the west ridge, a new route. Other members were Vasant Ghag, Nandu Agashe, Pramod Joshi and Satish Ranade.

Shrinivas Datar, Bharat Outward Bound Pioneers, Pune, India