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Asia, Nepal, Sita Chuchura (Tukuche West) Attempt

Sita Chuchura (Tukuche West) Attempt. Eric Delcasso led this eight-man French expedition. Three climbers and the sirdar ascended nearby 6000-meter summits and then four climbers and the sirdar devoted their attention to Sita Chuchura while the other members stayed at lower altitudes because of some altitude illness and deep snow between the Dhampus and French Passes. Jean-François Rouys and Kami Tenzing Sherpa got to 6000 meters on Sita Chuchura’s south-ridge-to-east-ridge route on October 29, but they decided that it was impossible to climb the final sérac on the last ice face without fixing rope; they had no rope and gear for fixing.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley