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Asia, Nepal, Khatang

Khatang. An expedition of 14 Swiss and a Liechtensteiner (Helmut Kindle) was led by Karl Kobler. They climbed the northeast ridge and placed 14 climbers on the summit (6782 meters, 22,250 feet). They had two high camps. The summit was reached on October 14 by leader Kobler, Christoph Pfistner, Miss Parvine Eva Bähler and Helmut Kindle, on October 15 by Jan Messerli, Lucien Criblez, Philippe Arnold and Reto Schild, on October 16 by Martin Schiirch, Walter Bähler, Stefan Aebersold and Samuel Melchior Anderegg and on October 17 by Felix Stampfli, Max Fahrni and by Kindle for a second time.

Michael J. Cheney, Himalayan Club, and Elizabeth Hawley