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South America, Chile, Volcán San José, Winter Ascent

Volcán San José, Winter Ascent. A large group made the first winter ascent Volcán San José from September 12 to 17. After leaving Lo Valdés, they placed camps at 2900, 3250, 3900 and 4520 meters. The women climbers were A. Barrientos, M. Chiozza, V. Morales and C. Castillo and the men were C. Gálvez, N. Múñoz, L. Napolitano, F. Varela, C. Cancino, M. España, A. Mancini, C. Fuentes, J. Palma, R. Traub, F. Vito, M. Tapia, D. Rutland, J. Jaña, M. Quiroz, E. Garrido and I. This ascent took place during the most severe winter in the last 50 years.

IvÁn Vigouroux, Federación de Andinismo de Chile