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South America, Bolivia, Haucaña, Hancopiti and Illampu, Cordillera Real, 1986

Haucaña, Hancopiti and Illampu, Cordillera Real, 1986. Six Polish climbers led by Waldemar Zmurko made eleven alpine-style ascents in June 1986, including three new routes in the Ancohuma group: Haucaña (6206 meters, 20,360 feet) via 45° to 50° west face on June 12, 1986 by Lech Badzynski, Maciej Marczak, Adam Pierzynski and Zmurko; Hancopiti I (5867 meters, 19,249 feet) via the 55° to 60° center of the northwest face on June 13 by Marek Koszelak and Krzysztof Wesolek; and Illampu (6362 meters, 20,873 feet) via the 45° to 60° left side of the south face on June 16 and 17 by Marczak and Zmurko.

JóZEF Nyka, Editor, Taternik, Poland