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North America, Greenland, Snehätten, West Greenland

Snehätten, West Greenland. On August 13, Egidio Bolis, Dario De Nigro, Andrea Farina, Amedeo and Margherita Gatti, Emilio Moreschi, Giovanna Nava and I climbed Snehätten (Nugatsiaup Qaqa; 1765 meters, 5791 feet), the culminating point of Qeqertarssuaq (Nugatsiaq) Island, 100 kilometers north of Umanak. The climb on ice was easy. We set out from 650 meters, went up the Akerte valley and climbed the south spur. We were unroped and used crampons only for the last 250 meters. The mountain was probably first climbed by Greenlanders centuries ago in a time of glacial recession. We found on the top a huge ancient construction, 80 cms across the base and two meters tall.

Piero Nava, Club Alpino Italiano