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North America, Canada, Arctic, Auyuittuq National Park, Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island

Auyuittuq National Park, Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island. This was a busy climbing season. Nine mountaineering groups totaling 39 people from five countries visited the park for climbing or skiing. Mountain climbers comprised 9.4% of the park’s overnight visitation of 414. There were three successful ascents of the Swiss route of Asgard by Günter Zimmermann’s German party, Jon Turk’s American group and Howard Bentley’s British expedition. Turk’s group also climbed Freya via the southeast buttress, possibly a new variation of the Scott route. There were two unsuccessful attempts on the west face of the south tower of Asgard. Earl Redfern, Will McCarthy and John Middendorf climbed 225 meters of the route, about one-third of it, but they were hampered by logistical and weather problems. The Spanish Bohigas brothers were back to attempt the west face a second time. They got to only about the same height as the Americans, being hampered by very poor weather. They had only three good days during the 35 they were in the park. The Warden Service is trying to complete its record of past climbing done in the park and would welcome any detailed reports readers may have in their files.

Tom Elliot, Chief Park Warden, Auyuittuq National Park Reserve