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North America, United States, Alaska, Blackburn and P 10,565

Blackburn and P 10,565. On May 3, Paul Claus flew a party from Anchorage Community College’s Alaska Wilderness Program to 7300 feet on the Nabesna Glacier below P 9111, north of Mount Blackburn (4995 meters, 16,390 feet). Led by Todd Miner and me, the party consisted of Karen Cafmeyer, Larry Hartig, Jim Sayler and Blaine Smith. We established camps at 9800, 11,500 and 13,000 feet. Above 12,300 feet, where our route joined the north ridge, the tedious job of breaking trail in deep snow ended; in fact, we were forced to camp at 13,000 feet in a crevasse because there was not enough snow for a snow cave. The broad summit was reached on May 12 by all. On the way down, Miner, Cafmeyer and I climbed P 10,565 from a pass at 9800 feet on May 14.

Willy Hersman