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Steven Geoffrey Schwartz, 1961-1986


The central Ohio climbing community was saddened by Steve’s death during a solo ascent of the north face of Les Courtes in the Mont Blanc Range on March 16, 1986. His demise ended a potential life-time of commitment and contribution to mountaineering.

Steve chose to develop his climbing skills and interest in the sport as a member of The Ohio State University Mountaineers Club. His development in technique, experience and leadership soon saw him teaching and presenting lectures to the membership. He was further active on issues of access to climbing areas. As a founding member of the Ohio Climbers Association, Steve worked very hard to retain climber access to neighboring J. Bryant State Park or the Clifton Gorge climbing area. His contributions were greatly appreciated at the time and are sorely missed now.

In addition to numerous climbs in the Ohio area, Steve climbed at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, and made ascents of Mount Temple, Deltaform (Super Couloir), and Houndstooth (Bugaboos Group) in the Canadian Rockies. At the time of his passing, he planned to further develop his climbing skills in Europe.

John Grimson Lyon