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Medicine for the Outdoors; A Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid

Medicine For The Outdoors; A Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid. Paul S. Auerbach. Little Brown, Boston, 1986. 345 pages, profusely illustrated with line drawings; glossary, bibliography. $12.95 (paper).

This is a first-class paperback, an easy-to-carry handbook for the lay person, describing the signs, symptoms, cause, treatment and prevention of just about everything you might encounter away from (or even in) your backyard. Written in nontechnical language, with excellent illustrations, it’s the simplified version of the comprehensive Management of Wilderness and Outdoor Emergencies, edited by Auerbach and Geehr in 1983 and designed for health professionals. An appendix on commonly used drugs, giving indications, dosage, and side effects and an excellent glossary defining medical terms add to the value of a brief chapter on ideal first aid kits. Problems encountered in scuba diving, climbing, eating wild plants, or being struck by lightning, bitten by snakes or spiders are well but simply discussed. This is an ideal companion on any trip of more than a few days—and good medical education for a lazy day in the sack.

Charles S. Houston, M.D.